Our CouchCommerce story ❤

Alexander Ringsdorff

In August 2011 I purchased couchcommerce.com from somebody in Texas for $688. The name somehow stuck with me after I was discussing with friends to potentially build an e-commerce system based on CouchDB database technology one day. But we did not really follow up after realising that raising the money needed to build an e-commerce system from scratch was quite impossible in Germany.

Later that year touch devices and especially the iPad began to get traction and the term Couch Commerce became a synonym for shopping with your tablet. Motivated by this trend I initiated a project in December 2011 which eventually became a proper Startup with a great team, €1,5m in seed-funding from great investors and even customer traction.

On our way of raising a Series A we were then confronted with a hard choice: the one person that everybody in the e-commerce industry knows because of his two successful IPOs…

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Farewell CouchCommerce